Saturday, June 23, 2012

06/23 - Off to Arusha

I was unable to update yesterday because our internet connection at the hotel was not working last night.  

Yesterday, we were working with the police women.  They listened to our presentation and asked a lot of questions, but not as many wills yesterday.  I was able to draft one for a woman police officer who owned a number of plots of land.  It is a little challenging because much of the land here is not surveyed.  You actually have to describe the land in the will (as in bordering neighbor so and so to the north, bordering some unnamed road to the west, etc etc).  In drafting a will for her though, hopefully she will be able to pass the property to her daughters in accordance with her wishes, which would never happen according to customary law here.  It would go to her sons or her husbands family.  

Improvised wheelchair

Mosque in Mwanza

Outside of the Police Canteen where we did our presentation

Lecturing about wills

Street kids outside the police canteen

Last night, we had dinner at the Japanese grill outside our hotel.  It was actually a very nice meal.  Who knew they could do hibachi in Africa?  We invited our new friends, the attorneys who have helped us here in Mwanza.  After dinner, there was some sort of wedding going on at the property next door.  The bass from the sound system was reverberating through our room.  It made for a difficult nights sleep, but this morning we are checking out of Hotel Tilapia and headed for Arusha.  We will be in Arusha for two weeks, so it will be nice to be able to unpack a little at the hotel.
Sundown on Lake Victoria

We had hibachi in Africa... ???

Stefan, the strange little child (he wanted this caption) Gretchen's son.

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