Wednesday, June 27, 2012

06/27 - Not a fun day

Today we had a "free day" to work on our papers, or at least that was the plan.  The situation at the lodge has gotten considerably less comfortable.  Kelsey and I actually had to move rooms last night because the smell of mildew/mold or whatever it was had gotten overpowering in our room and all our clothes were getting damp (even the ones in drawers or in our suitcases).  Kelsey was developing a cough.  Last night, Gretchen told them we are not staying here the second week, which led to a big argument between her and the manager.  We had prepaid for the first week (hence why we are still here) but not for the second.  It was very uncomfortable since we are basically stuck in this place until Saturday when we switch hotels.  The place is miles from town down a dirt road in a neighborhood that is not safe for us to walk through alone so we are sort of confined.

The room move would have been an ok solution except that after breakfast this morning, they wanted us to move back into the mildew room in the basement because they had more guests coming in and they had "cleaned the room" so everything should be fine.  Gretchen was away for today so it was just us students here.  I checked out the room and it still smelled and I tried to explain to them that cleanliness wasn't the issue.  I told them to call Gretchen and talk to her about it.  Shortly after, our power went out in the room for an extended period.  After that, the water got cut off for awhile.  At any rate, after speaking to Gretchen myself, we ended up leaving the room, so now we have to figure out the sleeping arrangements for tonight because we are one room less.

At any rate, I really have been doing my best to just avoid contact with the management people (hard in a small of 7 rooms).  We will be back to work tomorrow.  I have some interesting new developments in my paper research and I think we will be visiting the clinic again where we did our presentation in front of more than 100 women on Monday.

Saturday will be here soon and we will be in the new hotel.  We were actually able to find a much safer, nicer place for basically the same price so that should be good.  No pictures today since I have been laying low.  More to come tomorrow.

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