Tuesday, July 3, 2012

07/02 - Maternity Clinic and Primary school

Yesterdays blog - I wrote it and then the internet went out so here it is.  We started off the morning with a return visit to the maternity clinic here in Arusha that we visited last week.  We actually did two presentations there this time.  The first was for the women with small children.  They bring them in to be weighed at intervals until they are a couple of years old. The second group was the pregnant women.  The presentations both went well, but none of them were willing to do anything today.  At least, hopefully they got something out of the education.  They were all reading the brochures and info we created for them 30 minutes after we finished the presentation so at least the ideas are reaching them.
Phillip presenting at the Women's Clinic

Group at the women's clinic (thats the scale they use to weigh the babies) 
After we did our work at the maternity clinic, it was lunch time.  We hit up a place near our hotel.  It is sort of an outdoor restaurant/club??   They were playing Rihanna on the loud speakers when we walked up, but after we sat down for awhile, they changed it to country.  We heard almost two hours  of Dolly Parton mostly.  I'm guessing that was what they assumed we wanted to hear?  Who knows.  At any rate, it was a  little disconcerting to look over and see the "kitchen," an enclosed area off to the side with big racks of beef just hanging on hooks.  I saw the chef cut our lunch off one and put it on the grill.  We also got fries with eggs.   It was the first time I tried it, but it seems to be some sort of African traditional dish.  At any rate, I tried it all.  When in Rome...
Our lunch place

The whole concept of "African time" is starting to sink in a little.  When we asked our contact attorney what time we should be back at his office to get taxis and leave for our next appointment, his response was "We are supposed to be there at 2, so we will leave at 2."  In the theoretical world of time travel, I guess that would be ok (and it seems to be ok here too).  We  didn't actually leave the office until 2:30, arrived at the school at 2:45.  The women were not ready until 3.  Again, when in Rome...

Our appointment was at a local primary school.  We had a session scheduled there with some of the local teachers.  This session was much more engaging than the session at the clinic had been.  They were warm and welcoming.  They asked a lot of questions and at the end of the session, we drafted wills for a third of the women who came to hear us.   Tomorrow is going to be another busy day so thats all for now.
Outside the Primary School
Seth consulting with clients
Phillip working with a woman at the primary school
Someone took my camera and snuck a picture of me

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